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PropJet 210 Aviation would like to announce that the Cessna Turbine 210 and 340 conversion programs are alive and well. There are 478 Cessna P210N’s registered currently in the United States, that is over 50% of the fleet of 834 “N” models that Cessna built between 1978 and 1983. Over the 13 year period that I worked with O&N, I personally sold over 75 new conversions and provided most of the airframes for clients to convert. Within this process, I became quite familiar with the used Cessna P210N market and available inventory. Potential clients would usually search for, the cleanest, lowest time, non-corrosive, and no damage history aircraft available. Usually, during those years, my success rate was about 1 out of 3 after inspection. There are still a lot of low time, hangered P210N’s out there. I’ve recently found 3 clean airframes with low hours; a P210N from Canada with only 1300 total hours, a P210N Javelin with only 2000 total hours, and a third P210N in Japan with only 635 total hours. So clean, low time aircraft are out there. As of today, there have been 114 Silver Eagles that were converted by O&N.


Most everyone knows O&N Aircraft Modifications is no longer in business after over 20 plus years of conversions, service, and support of the Silver Eagle conversions. For those who are inquiring about these remarkable aircraft conversions, I would like to give you some of the histories and perhaps some insight into the future.

I personally met Myron Olson and his wife in the winter of 1999. I saw one of the Silver Eagle conversion in Northern California and I mentioned this aircraft to a friend of mine and decided that he wanted one. In November 1999 we made the trip from Santa Rosa, CA to Factoryville, PA and immediately realized that O&N had a problem that they seemed unaware of. I told him that if someone from the west coast were to purchase one of his conversions, that it would be a journey of approx. 6,000 miles round trip from Calif to PA and back. Not many pilots would be up for that task every year just for service and maintenance. From the year 2000 until 2013 I represented O&N from the west coast as PropJet 210 Aviation. I personally attended all of the trade shows, and did the majority of the demos and sales during that time frame. O&N was never interested in the sales of used Silver Eagle and therefore over the years, I became the major sales force for used Silver Eagles. With the sales of used Silver Eagles also came the ability to perform upgrades. This has allowed us to go into great detail of the aircraft, improving engine performances, updating avionics as well as paint and interior.


PropJet 210 Aviation and O&N Aircraft Modification parted ways in 2013 but PropJet 210 Aviation continued specializing in the Cessna 210 and 340. Due to our history of specializing in 210s & 340s, turbine and piston, these two models are the only models that we sell, service, support and train pilots in. Our licensed mechanics are experts on a limited number of models rather than having general knowledge of many different makes and models.

Here at PropJet 210 Aviation we became the default support system worldwide for the O&N conversions and continue that heritage to this date. Prior to the closure of O&N Aircraft Modifications, Matt Griggs, a previous O&N employee, quit and started his own aviation business, Griggs Aircraft. Matt and his brother worked for O&N for several years and during his time with O&N Matt became one of the key avionics techs in the Silver Eagle conversion program and painted Silver Eagles during weekends. Prior to their closure, O&N & Griggs Aircraft hammered out a deal and the 210 STC along with several other O&N STC’s were transferred to Griggs Aircraft. Since that time, Griggs has been working on PMA procedures for the Silver Eagle parts and support. Chris Murley (was the O&N Silver Eagle production manager) had quit O&N later and purchased part of Griggs Aircraft. As of today, most of the Silver Eagle production crew from O&N now work at Griggs Aircraft.


Since the forming of Griggs Aircraft and their acquiring of the O&N STC’s, PropJet 210 Aviation and Griggs have developed a working relationship as to where PropJet 210 Aviation will represent the sales and marketing of new Silver Eagles while still providing service, training, and sales of used Silver Eagle and share in the support sales and servicing of 210’s and 340 from the west coast. This relationship will make service and support for Silver Eagle owners throughout North American much easier. The majority of the used Silver Eagle and turbine 340 sales are through PropJet 210 Aviation here on the west coast.


I might note here that I get a lot of inquires as to why there always seem to be about 10% of the Turbine 210 fleet for sale. Here is the reason, we sell a lot of Silver Eagles to pilots who are in their late 60’s and early 70’s. The Turbine 210 or just a Turbine powered aircraft has always seemed elusive to most and it seems that this type of aircraft has always been on most pilots bucket lists. Most pilots are under the impression that you needed a Military background or history of being a Commercial pilot to fly a turbine powered aircraft. Once they experience what they have been missing, plus the uniqueness and simplicity of the aircraft, they make the purchase and transition to a Silver Eagle. Then they wonder why they missed so many years of turbine flying. Usually these pilots fly for a few years and decide to get out due to loss of Medical or loss of family interest. The second major reason is due to Gen X and Millennial pilots who use the Turbine 210 or Turbine 340 to gain entry-level experience until they can move up to larger, faster, more expensive Turbine powered aircraft. Yet there are several original owners who still own, fly, and enjoy their aircraft.

PropJet210Aviation and Griggs Aircraft Modification are excited about the future productions, sales, service, and training of these unique aircraft. We certainly hope that whenever your need arises for a turbine-powered aircraft that you check out the lowest operational cost per hour, certified, turbine powered, pressurized aircraft in the world. Hope to see you soon!

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