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Cessna 1977 Twin 340 Silver Eagle N487KM

Cessna 1977 Twin 340 Silver Eagle N487KM


Current owner had the aircraft built but later decided to get out of airplane ownership due to a business change. The airframe and engines were sold to the current owner by PropJet 210 Aviation. Aircraft has pearl paint, all new interior wiring, new fuel system, new electric air conditioning system, new heater system, all new interior to match Dodge truck Laredo design. The aircraft also has all new de-ice boots. No damage and no corrosion.

1977 Cessna 340A

Registration Number: N487KM

Serial Number: 340A0240

Airframe Total Time: 3240.0

Time Since Conversion (Hobbs): 42.3

Date of Conversion: June 20, 2016

Condition 1-10: 10

Damage History: None, No Corrosion

De-Ice System: Boots On Leading Edges, Windshield Hot Plate, Heated Pitot Tube

Windsheild Condition 1-10: 9

Air Conditioner: Electric Freon

One Piece Glareshield

Fuel Capacity: 251.9 US Gallons

Range: 1380 Nautical Miles

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