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Silver Eagle II Cessna 340 Twin Turbine

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The newest edition to the O&N Modification family is the Silver Eagle II Cessna 340 Twin Turbine! With two Rolls Royce 250B-17F turbine engines pumping out 450 HP each, these conversions are the most efficient and cost-effective planes in its class. Add in a cruise speed of 245 KTS and a range of over 1300 miles and this pressurized aircraft is a perfect combination of functionality, efficiency, and safety!

You will travel in comfort in the spacious customized interior of these conversions while flying with some of the newest avionics in the industry. The strakes on the bottom decrease drag to add speed, improve single-engine handling, decrease stall speed, and increase the rate of climb.

Twin Silver Eagle Specs

2 Rolls Royce

250-B17F Engines

2 Rolls Royce

250-B17F Engines

N487KM Nov 16 (5).JPG

Hartzell 3 Blade

Reversible w/de-ice Prop

Hartzell 3 Blade

Reversible w/de-ice Prop

N487KM Dec 2016 (3).JPG

50 Gallons Fuel

Main Fuel Tank

35 Gallons Fuel

3 Lockers Tanks

41 Gallons Fuel

3 Bladders


Pressurized Cabin

Max Operating Altitude 25,000 Feet

Counter Weights

Under Elevator to Prevent Flutter

Twin Silver Eagle Strakes


Increased Airspeed

Decrease Stall Speed

Increase Rate of Climb

Improved Single Engine Handling

N487KM Nov 16 (59).JPG


Custom Interior

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